Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bang For Your Buck: Why We Need Death Panels

The public outcry against "death panels" is framed by liberals as right wing insanity, but the fact is a cost cutting government run health plan must have a death panel of some kind.

About $67 billion — nearly a third of the money spent by Medicare — goes to
patients in the last two years of life. The need to spend less money at the end
of life “is the elephant in the room,” Evan Thomas wrote in “The Case for
Killing Granny,” the cover story in last week’s Newsweek. “Everyone sees it but
no one wants to talk about it.”

It's funny, but the right wing nuts yelling about "death panels" do want to talk about it. They know on some level that killing granny is indeed fiscally sound, and will be a necessary part of a government takeover of health care. Of course their argument is against a nightmare, worst-case scenario, but is definitely rooted in truth; if we are serious about cutting costs, we must cut off our old people at some point.

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