Friday, August 27, 2010

Investigating Crooked Politicians

I just read this article and it got me thinking. Since we know our politicians are corrupt, both morally and legally, then shouldn't we have professional investigators working around the clock trying to find out exactly who is corrupt and exactly what they are doing? These politicians control our lives and have access to trillions of our dollars. Is it not reasonable, nay, logical to have these guys under constant surveillance to ensure they are working for our benefit and not their own?

Since our FBI has apparently decided that these investigations are unimportant, perhaps we should start a charity in which all the proceeds go to private investigators, who are hired to find out as much as they can about our people in power. We could capitalize on the anti-establishment fervor that is coursing through our nation, and turn that anger into something tangible without resorting to violence.

I think the benefits would be two-fold. First, we would root out the existing dirty politicians, which would be great, and second, if political candidates knew we were always watching them, then maybe they would try a little harder to walk the straight and narrow, and some of the dirtier politicians might stay out altogether.

What do you think?

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