Thursday, October 1, 2009

How to Sink Health Care Reform

Make it cover abortions. That'll get the much needed conservative vote.

In a rational system of medical care, there would be virtually no restrictions on financing abortions. But abortion is not a rational issue, and opponents have succeeded in broadly denying the use of federal dollars to pay for them, except in the case of pregnancies that result from rape or incest or that endanger a woman’s life.

These restrictions, which constitute an improper government intrusion into Americans’ private lives, apply to the joint federal-state Medicaid program, the health insurance exchange that covers federal government employees, and health programs for military personnel, American Indians and women in prison, among others. This approach disproportionately harms poor women, who often can’t scrape together enough money for the procedure until delay has made abortions more costly and more risky.

This could only come from the geniuses at the New York Times. I guess it's the Democrat's turn to grossly overstep their bounds and force the pendulum back the other way.

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