Monday, February 22, 2010

Google Power & Light [Googletopia]

Google Energy, a wholly owned subsidiary of Google Inc., has been granted utility status by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

That's right. Google can now sell you electricity.

Why does Google want to do this? Right now, the company rakes in billions of dollars from ads and it doesn’t have to have extensive support desks and remote repair teams — the kind of people-power providers must have on staff — in order to do it. Selling power is a much more hands-on business.

Google has said it wants to go carbon neutral. With the FERC order, it can now effectively erect as many solar panels and install as many fuel cells as it likes without worrying about having purchased too much capacity; the company can now sell off the extra power it generates.

But more importantly, Google can now exploit its massive data centers to provide services for controlling power consumption in commercial buildings, industrial sites, and homes. It is largely a task that should be handed off to large computer rooms.

It was only a matter of time. Google's data centers use a ridiculou amount of energy, and its founders are strong green energy proponents. Now that they can become a self-sufficient power and data company, there is little stopping them from taking over the world.

With their commitment to green energy and efficiency, this may be a good thing, as long as they don't turn evil.

I personally look forward to the day when Google makes government obsolete.

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