Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Unionized Teachers Get What They Deserve

Unionized Rhode Island teachers refuse to work 25 minutes more per day, so town fires all of them.

Central Falls is one of the poorest towns in the state. It looks like the pictures everyone's seen of Detroit or Flint. There are lots of boarded up windows, abandoned buildings, decrepit factories with broken windows, etc. It's an absolutely depressed community. According to Wikipedia, the median income in the town is $22k.

Teacher salaries at the high school average $72-78k. Apparently 50% of the students at the school are failing all of their classes, and the graduation rate is also under 50%. In an effort to turn the school around, the superintendent requested some changes be made whereby the school day would be slightly extended, teachers would perform some extra tutoring, etc.

The union balked and refused the terms, so now she is firing the entire teaching staff of the high school and replacing them. This is yet another example of unions digging their own graves by refusing to negotiate or accept reasonable terms. Sentiment is on the side of the superintendent, at least among the folks I have discussed the issue with.

While private sector workers are losing their jobs, public employees are doing better than ever. Luckily this Rhode Island town decided to fight back.

Some things are best dealt with on the local level, where average people still have a voice.

[Mish via BusinessInsider via Instapundit]

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