Thursday, April 1, 2010

How to Fix America: Elect a 3rd Party President

It's really quite simple, I'm surprised I never thought it before. In order to fix the American political system, that is, in order to save America, we can do one thing, one singular action, and do more to right the ship than we have done in decades. All we have to do is elect a third party president.

It hardly matters who it is. Ralph Nader. Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich running as an independent. As long as there's neither an R nor a D by their name, they will suffice. Because until a third party can make it into the presidency, this country will bend to the wills of the Democratic and Republican parties. One of them is bad enough, but we suffer from both, and we will never force real reform of the political theater until we admit that it is broken, that the parties no longer represent America, as they are now but hyper-polarized caricatures of American political thought.

They and the mainstream, old media are to blame for controlling political thought for many years. By cleverly stoking and channeling political energy, they have taken power and torn a nation apart.

Extreme views and hard positions must relax if we hope to reconcile our differences and make the government work for us. We must set aside old grudges and not just reach across the aisle, but forget the aisle completely. We must let go of the hard ideologies that have pitted Americans against each other, because the more we fight each other, the less we run the country.

So think about it. You still have two years to decide. Obama claimed he would bring change, but he's really just more of the same.

It's time to send a message to the parties, to BOTH parties: We won't stand for it anymore.

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