Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Illusion of Taxes

Oddly, taxes have almost nothing to do with the way the FedGov's finances work.

This was also the case during the WWI time period. In fact, the entire point of taxation is to divert attention from what is actually happening financially. Because if people understood that, there would be a revolution by morning.

No practicable amount of taxation could possibly come close to allowing the United States government to honor its financial obligations. Anyone who can add knows this. And most of those "obligations" are simply empty lies and promises to the public. Empty promises traded for obedience.

A tiny minority of Americans pay the overwhelming majority of taxes....And yet this tiny minority of taxpayers receives far more in special privileges from the government than it pays in taxes. Essentially they own the government at rather affordable prices with really massive return on investment. A single dollar sent to D.C. can result in hundreds if not thousands of dollars extracted from the public in return. Perhaps not necessarily extracted in cash (although this is often the case) perhaps extracted in terms of obedience.

And so the overwhelming majority of Americans who "pay no significant amount of taxes" pay with something else. They pay with their lives. The entire economic structure of their lives is being centrally managed for the benefit of others.

Our economy is being run in a manner which centralizes money and power while preventing capital formation and destroying real wealth and prosperity.

The greatest threat to "the rich" is not taxation but rather competition from the emerging middle class. This is, after all, what destroyed feudalism in Europe.

The entire point of "socialism" or "fascistic corporatism" is to consolidate the power of the State and protect the rich and powerful from emerging middle class competition.

The point is to turn a human being into this:

[written by Glasperlenspieler]

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