Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Another Day, Another Blog Post

If you've been following my blog (you two know who you are), then you'll have noticed I stopped posting. I started work on a new blog project, but it fizzled because I lost hope in humanity. So now I'm just going to poke fun at the catastrophic cluster-fuck that our nation has become, and laugh all the way down.

Because, really, what else is a boy to do? I've considered sniper assassination of those who I feel hurt America the most (politicians, lobbyists, CEO's of evil corps, etc), but realizing how stupid most of America is, they would probably lionize these dead corrupt power players, turn them into martyrs and start praising them for the great things they did for America. So that plan is out.

The current plan is to simply nuke Washington, D.C. I have no nukes, nor access to nukes, nor access to people with access to nukes. But if someone came to me with a large red button, and said, "Congress is in session, press this button to send a nuclear warhead directly to the Capitol Building," I would press it without hesitation. I hate our system that much.

And it wouldn't be an attack against America. I love America. Which is why I hate seeing these assholes in power destroy this country, take our freedoms, and then leave office for a $2.4 million-a-year lobbyist job. These people are attacking America, and it's up to a patriot to stop them.

And I'm sure it's only a matter of time before some Fed wearing a black windbreaker and sunglasses knocks on my door and escorts me to Guantanamo Bay. To protect America. Ha.

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