Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Fuck Generation

We were perverts and losers,
Slackers and underachievers,
Losing our identities in the vast
Black hole of cyberspace,
Making love to our egos
In the anonymous river of
Cyber exchanges,

Blogging and fucking our lives away,
Drunk with ourselves in some
Pornographic cyber forums,
Writing about fucking and

We were the fuck generation,
Raised by the soulless
Poetry slams and dimly lit
Open mike readings--

Products of C-SPAN, CNN,
Al Gore and global warming,
Products of new hate of
Post-cold war paranoia--

We were emo, screamo, techno,
Industrial and dreamo--
Jamming and thrashing
Out of our fucking minds--

We were those sensitive young dudes,
With high-pitched voices
And tiny peckers,
Singing about head games,
Lost innocence and double-entendres--

We were the fuck generation,
Caught in an endless war
Without a purpose or an exit,
Where everyone dies once more
And no one gives a fuck--

We were the fuck generation,
Waking up from the hippie
Pipe dreams to the futile
Absurdity of living--

And we knew somehow
That there was no one to save us
From ourselves--
No gods, no karma, no military,
No peace corps, nor futile protest
Marches on Washington,

For we were bigger than the Beatles
And more genuine than the Beats,
Leaving Dylan and Janis
At some deserted bus stop in Woodstock,
Blowing in the wind with outdated
Audio cassettes and vinyl records.

We were the fuck generation,
Sick of riding that beat-up old Chevy
With Ginsberg and Kerouac,
Writing our own books
In our own little street corners,
Plotting new courses and new ideas,
Boldly going where no
Ferlinghetti had gone before--

We were the fuck generation--
Fucked in the head and
Fucked in the heart,
Embracing chaos and despair,
Anarchy and destruction,
Seeking authenticity in
The here and now.

September 10, 2007
by Alexander Shaumyan

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