Friday, September 17, 2010

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Drink Wine

Despite a faltering economy, Americans' appetite for wine has increased

At supermarkets and other food outlets, sales of 750-millileter wine priced at $20 or above are “up significantly,” leaving shelves at their fastest pace since 2006, said Doug Goodwin, vice president of beer, wine and spirits at SymphonyIRI, which collects point-of-sales data at retailers.

“Consumers have moved consumption into the home,” said Goodwin. “The reality is you can go into a Kroger or Safeway and buy a nice $30 bottle of wine that would have cost $60 in a restaurant.”

Dollar sales of bottles marked $20 or more are up 19% from January 2010 through Sept. 5, compared with the same 2009.

I'm partial to Cabernet and a good Malbec, myself. I used to like Pinot Noir, but now I need something with a little more body.

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